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How Can Marijuana Addiction Affect a Family?

A common assumption amongst many is that the battle against a substance use addiction is a personal fight. In many cases, this is not accurate as the disorder experience spreads to those closest to the addict, and they too suffer the consequences. Addiction can be from an abusive recreational habit or even a lapse from medical marijuana NJ condition that went untreated. Unfortunately, once the addict reaches a certain point, they will never be able to control it themselves and will no longer be in a position to shield loved ones from the effects of their drug abuse. Using too much marijuana impacts close family and friends from severe short and long-term emotional damage, monetary issues, potentially legal battles, and a whole host of medical problems that come with the territory. Parents, spouses, and often children witness the downward spiral first hand and have to live through the unpleasant circumstances that accompany the addiction.

Financial Consequences

Everyone in the household is affected directly when there is less money coming in than usual. Now that would be easier to get your head around if the extra cash wasn’t being spent on recreational drugs. Losing that often significant amount of money can have devastating financial consequences for any family. The money used to fund the habit could be contributing to the mortgage, rent, bills, groceries, or clothing for the children. All of these you would deem necessary and not luxury items you can live without. The wider viewpoint is that eventually, an addiction can lead to crime and convictions when trying to feed and pay for the habit. If the addict is drug tested or caught driving under the influence, then your family will lose income when they get fired from their job, but it could be somebody else’s family that loses a loved one if the addict spirals out of control and ends up in jail.

Physical And Mental Well-Being

The use of marijuana can often affect a person physically and severely interfere with the time they spend as a family. Before you know it, quality time has turned into a period you have to endure rather than enjoy, and that is not pleasant for anyone involved. Marijuana users inhale more carcinogens and irritants because of the lack of filters present in regular cigarettes. Inevitably health can spiral via numerous infections, coughs, and respiratory problems, and of course, any illness usually means more time away from the family when you are sick. You become more of a burden and could become isolated and detached from your loved ones from smoking cannabis too often. The knock-on effects of the drug can prevent the addict from leading an active physical relationship with their family, which is irreparably damaging for their mental health and emotions.

Final Thoughts

Substance abuse addictions like marijuana can undoubtedly take a significant toll on family members and the individual struggling with the disorder. Fortunately, there is hope via several support avenues open to families who need help. Rehabilitation facilities and services are available to allow the patient to heal with professional support, medication where necessary, and various helpful therapy methods. Family members can be led and guided by industry expert treatment providers to choose the right facility for their loved one and will be allowed to visit at appropriate times throughout their stay. The families themselves can access counseling sessions to help cope with their ordeal and move on to a better mental state in the future.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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