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Top 5 White Hat SEO Tactics That Can Be Learned from Black Hat SEO

The black hat SEO and the White hat SEO, one of the famous debates in the world of SEO optimization. Though these two are known as the striking opposite to each other. While the white hat SEO technique is widely acknowledged by Google, the black hat SEO is seen as the dark side in the marketing of search engines. Though the black hat technique is completely regarded as not acceptable and subject to penalty by Google. But you can get some inspiration from the black hat technique to use it for your white hat SEO. SEO Singapore can help you to get better White hat SEO.  Here are some of the tactics that you can use from black hat SEO:

1. Research and stuffing of keywords

Keyword research is one of the highly acclaimed SEO practices for your SEO optimization. As you know which words people are targeting more on search engines, then you can create better content based on it. But in the black hat SEO, the keyword stuffing is done more which is ineffective. The content becomes hard to read. Google does everything to demote such websites.

2. Backlink building and PBNs

SEO is more about backlinks which are highly used for strategy building and authority earning. Backlinks are the primary indicator in Google, which are used in websites for better rank earning. The more backlink you add to your page, the more it becomes credible enough. Gaining backlinks is quite influential for your SERP and other pages. Also, the black hat technique gets leveraged from this tactic. The white hat SEO relies upon testimonials, mutual partnership, or guest posting for gaining the backlinking. The PBN, on the other hand, has a network for inactive domains, which you can use for your SEOs.

3. Wikipedia page and the internal linking

When it comes to us, we can easily determine the intent of a page. At the same time, we can easily say what page it is talking about. But Google is a robot. Though it is getting better, it needs some more specification and clarification. Thus you need to organize your content while keeping Google in your mind.

You need to make things easier so that Google can understand the intent of the content. It helps in ranking the content in SERP. But how do you do it? Internal linking is the solution. With internal linking, you can link two or more of your pages with another page on your website. It helps in organizing the content. This is one of the crucial areas for the White hat SEO. At the same time, black hat SEO also uses this strategy to take advantage of it. The black hat SEO stuff the links into each of the content, which is similar to the Wikipedia page. This is beneficial enough. But overdoing it can cause a penalty. This is why maintain a very healthy number while you are interlinking.

4. Test all your methods

While the SEO industry argues over the fact that the black hat uses more testing than the white hat, this is a point to think about. The black hat technique runs the automated software, which makes it a controlled experiment that does faster testing.  But the white hat may not follow that much testing as they are following only the guidelines they are bound by.

But when you are working on search engine optimization, you need to conduct tests to understand what is working better for you.  For your brand, doing SEO testing can give you better benefits that you can take note of from the black hat SEO.

5. Brand name selection

While the white hat SEO chooses a brand name, they simply do it because they like it. The black hat SEO, on the other hand, picks a brand name that helps them to rank better on Google.

Usually, we focus on creating a brand name that sounds good and easy to remember and leaves a mark in the mind of the audience.

But the black hat SEO performs keyword research for determining the keywords which are popular enough in the industry to create a brand name.  It works very well, which you can use to get better chances to rank in your white hat SEO.


The black hat SEO may not be that much of a highly acclaimed or appreciated area. But you must take the good from it to leverage your white hat SEO. It can accelerate your growth and SEO performance in an impressive way.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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