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What is nCINO Salesforce?

nCino is a leading cloud banking software company that provides cloud-based banking solutions to banks and credit unions. nCino was created by bankers for bankers to streamline all client and employee interactions under a single cloud-based Bank Operating System®, resulting in enhanced efficiency, transparency, profitability, and regulatory compliance across all business lines.

The Advantages of Connecting nCino with Salesforce

While nCino Salesforce is built on the Salesforce platform, you may do the following by combining it with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and other tools:

  • Obtain a single perspective of each consumer throughout their banking and lending journey.
  • Give your customers a streamlined and connected experience.
  • Increase staff output and operational efficiency.
  • Increase client happiness and loyalty.
  • Implement marketing strategies based on key data such as financial accounts, loans, and deposits.
  • Salesforce and nCino both have significant capabilities that, when combined, can enable the type of connected experience that banking clients are looking for.

How does nCino work with Salesforce? Salesforce is a customer relationship management platform that works with nCino. nCino’s Bank Operating System is a comprehensive solution built on the Salesforce platform. It integrates with core systems, as well as third-party applications to become the single source of truth for your business. The result is an active partnership and successful journey.

What does the term nCino mean? nCino’s Bank Operating System is a comprehensive, fully-integrated bank operating system designed by bankers for bankers to drive greater profitability, productivity improvements, regulatory compliance, and operational transparency across all organisational levels and business lines.

What is the business model of nCino? nCino’s business approach is “land and expand,” and it delivers its software services on multi-year contracts that normally run three to five years. For instance, the customer lifetime could begin with a small bank or credit union using nCino’s loan analytics tool.

What makes ACCELQ the nCino & Salesforce Test Automation Industry Leader?

Alignment of Cino and Salesforce Releases: ACCELQ delivers robust codeless test automation for easy nCino instals and continuing updates through a strategically aligned nCino alliance.

UI and API AI-driven no-code test automation: Cloud-based AI-driven no-code test automation. nCino & Salesforce-specific optimization Technology that is always evolving.

ACCELQ + nCino benefits:

  • Fully automated tests that are active and ready to go to correspond with nCino’s ongoing release modifications
  • Codeless way to nCino custom Lightning web components driven by AI
  • ACCELQ, like nCino and Salesforce, is cloud-based and plug-and-play, allowing you to test across many nCino settings.
  • All fundamental business processes and items in the ACCELQ nCino living Universe are fully automated.
  • nCino test automation in-sprint will help you mature your automation testing and match with CI/CD.
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Written by Marcus Richards

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