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Tips to Level Up Your Corrugated Packaging Solution for Business

Are you a business owner that needs suitable packaging for your products? Whether you’re a new company or want to improve current packaging processing, corrugated packaging is the answer to your needs. Discover smart tips to level up your corrugated packaging solution for business and benefit from the correct type of boxes for your products.

More Than Cardboard Boxes

When you start shopping for plastic totes, you soon learn there are two options: a regular cardboard box and corrugated packaging. However, the two are different, which means they are used for specific purposes. Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper stock, and it is not the best option for heavy shipments. Conversely, corrugated cardboard is stronger because it has medium and linear components. The lining is glued to the exterior to create a stronger structure that stands up to heavy packaging and delivery demands.

Types of Corrugated and Plastic Boxes

Now that you understand the difference between cardboard boxes and corrugated ones, it’s easy to understand why cardboard is a poor choice. If the packaging is damaged, the items shipped might be lost and require costly replacements. Additionally, damaged packaging makes a poor first impression, which could negatively impact your brand reputation.

Now you need to determine which type of corrugated boxes are best for your shipments. The flute size is the thickness of the walls of the box, which determine their stacking strength. Also, the types of the board include single-face, single, double, and triple walls. However, plastic boxes provide the highest level of strenth and protection for heavy or sharp items. 

How to Determine the Board Grade

After figuring out the right corrugated box type, you need to understand the board grade. To decide, determine if it is more important for the box to handle stacking pressure without collapsing or stand up to puncturing from external and internal forces. If the boxes are stacked, it makes sense to ensure they do not get crushed or otherwise destroyed before they reach their destination. However, companies shipping sharp objects need to provide the proper packaging to avoid damages and accidents.

How Does the Box Look?

The type and size box is important to your overall production and delivery schedule. Additionally, the right box helps companies reduce overhead and shipping expenses. The most popular box style is the regular slotted container with flaps. Other options include a one piece folder, a telescope design, and a full overlap container with wider flaps and added thickness at the bottom and top for items that need extra protection along the way. Shipping boxes must be strong, but they also need to be attractive.

Why Does Packaging Matter?

Often, new businesses try to save money on packages to boost their bottom line. They soon discover the cost of choosing the wrong boxes. Loss of inventory, unsatisfied customers, and a poor brand reputation are all the results of poor packaging. On the other hand, the right packaging helps businesses gain respect and develop a recognizable brand. For example, custom boxes include the logo and name of your business. Besides letting customers know they got your items, the boxes act as an advertisement everywhere they go.

Corrugated boxes are the ideal way to package and send countless products, whether around the corner or globally. Work with an industry expert to help you select and design the perfect packaging for your products to reduce losses and gain brand recognition. With the right packaging, your business is on its way to success!

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Written by Marcus Richards

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