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Main Features of Online Trading

Online trading has been a popular method of achieving short-term and even long–term financial goals. Online trading sites made investing significantly more accessible to investors on a global scale, that will probably rely mostly on their smartphones to make investments.

Although investors still need to have some background in investing and basic knowledge of financial trends in order to calculate their potential ROI and make the right financial decision for their portfolios. Fortunately, today there are multiple features on online trading sites that make trading easier even for complete beginners.

Understanding Trading Platforms

The general features on most trading platforms allow investors to make orders, monitor trades, close trades, make withdrawals our pause their accounts.

In addition, there are other features on trading platforms that help investors make better financial decisions. Some of the main features are real-time quotes, news feeds, customer support, charts, and charting tools, to name a few. It’s also worth noting that trading platforms may have features that are tailored to specific assets, such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, futures, commodities, currencies, and other options.

That said, you should differentiate between two types of trading platforms- commercial platforms and proprietary platforms. Commercial platforms are created for individual investors and day traders that rely on many features like real-time quotes, automated trading software, international news feeds, price levels, educational resources.

Financial institutions have access to proprietary platforms that are developed to meet their needs as large investors and typically are not open to the public and retail investors. Here we will also take a look at the common features of commercial trading sites.

Educational Material

All investors want to need to keep up with the latest trends in the ever-changing financial market, and due to technological inventions, it is necessary to learn about new subjects all the time. This is why reputable trading sites provide varied educational materials for their investors as it is always useful to have access to trading resources that provides a detailed knowledge base.

For example, you can access video tutorials and step-by-step training for beginners, detailed e-books on trading instruments, cryptocurrencies, and other topics, FAQ page that will help you learn how to use the trading tools and features. News feed with the latest news in the market and other options. So, if you’re a complete beginner, make sure to compare different trading sites and the educational materials they offer since many could provide valuable insights that will help you with your portfolio as an investor. For example, there are even trading sites that offer regular webinars that provide you with an opportunity to chat with lecturers on specific topics and ask questions.

Order Placement

This is an important feature of order placement, including market orders, placing limit orders, choosing order types, and closing trades. In case there is an automated trading system like Imperial Go, then it is able to place orders or leave certain potions open based on the given parameters and without manual input on the trading site. Specifically, Imperial Go is an AI-based trading platform that also supports cryptocurrencies and has an accuracy rate of 99.98 %.

Technical analysis

This is an important aspect of any trading strategy, including interactive charting, patterns, and indicators that help users track any trends and price movements. Current features allow users to make further customization on their features, such as resistance lines, adding or removing certain indicators, and other options.

Fundamental Analysis

On the other side of the coin, there is a fundamental analysis that offers an overview of companies’ financial statements history, recent decisions, and other important news for the investors. Before buying stocks, for example, a useful feature on trading platforms will give you a snapshot of the company’s financial data and any other important information for your decision.

Extra Features

Every trading site wants to offer features that improve the experience on their platforms; for this reason, they offer risk vs. reward indicators which are quite common nowadays, calculators, price alert systems that alert you when certain assets based on your choosing have dropped or risen in value, for example.

Trading and Analysis Tools

These are considered the most important tools in any commercial trading service. Thanks to these tools, you can track assets’ market value, evaluate recent price trends make decisions based on the insights of the analysis. Analytic charts provide a lot of help to beginners, and there are even AI-based solutions available on some sites. So, make sure to create an account on an online trading system that includes such features.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we are facing a boom of new online trading sites, which means each will try to provide the latest features that will help you make the best financial decisions for your long-term and short-term financial goals.

However, it’s important to take note of the financial features that make sense for your portfolio and your experience. Obviously, you would prefer online trading platforms which offer you extensive educational materials to modern trading platforms with more complicated features.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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