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Is it Safe to Buy Bitcoin?

There has been a saying that whatever goes up first, comes down faster. As you can witness from the resent market that whatever the proverb says is absolutely true. Bitcoins’ price value in the market went up to some great extent in 202, November. But yet, it could not hold on to the price for long. One cyber attack in the trade market, wiped out literally everything from the scenario. Bitcoins; prices hit rock bottom of $20000 from $69000 this year. Additional info click at this link

However you need not worry because the following aricle will provide you enough reasons for following the bitcoin trends in the 21st century. Here you go.


It is a kind of digital asset or virtual currency available on the internet, which you can use like paper currency. Unlike paper currency, it is more secure, easy to handle, and difficult to track. To store the bitcoin and to trade in the bitcoin, a user needs an online wallet to store the bitcoin. To trade in bitcoin, the user requires a bitcoin trading platform like le site officiel. Anyone can store and trade in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Risk with buying Bitcoin

Every cryptocurrency is Volatile. Like Bitcoin, in the initial stages of bitcoin, it had the basic movement, but after some time, there was a huge rise in the bitcoin price, and it hit the highest price. As per the few month’s statuses of bitcoin, in July, only the bitcoin dropped by $20000. The investors who invested in the bitcoin with the dream of making wealth lost their investment. 

It’s time to employ the purchase at dip approach, which means to buy the asset when it drops in price and then sells it back up again. However, other crypto experts disagree with this remark, arguing that this is a different circumstance when it comes to estimating the rise of the bitcoin because of the present status of the globe and the current economic crisis.

To avoid huge losses during your bitcoin trading system, it is advisable to peek into the digitalized world at first. You can get to observe the market movement by reading the tech charts and listen to the predictions and suggestions of the crypto enthusiasts.

Reasons behind Bitcoin Fall:

The Ukraine war

Having a war is always bad for the investors because the market would be fragile at this time. It does not matter how expert of an investor or trader you are. 

Also, the Ukrainian government officially announced that they would accept the funding to fight the war against Russia in cryptocurrency. After the announcement, more than US$100 million was raised by this method, according to the reports. Having such kind of transaction in the market impacts the market’s price and causes a fall.

The High-Interest Rates

Every investor, whether from wall street or the crypto market, has a keen interest in the forecast of the interest rate. The reason behind this is, In March 2022, The Federal Reserve fired its first shot with multiple increases in the interest rate. This news did not impact the entire crypto market, but some areas were affected drastically. Now in the whole crypto market, there is a situation of fear regarding further US central bank announcements.

The Fear of Inflation

Every crypto enthusiast is aware of the economic turmoil. Somehow, few bitcoin advocates are very excited about it because they believe that the scarcity of bitcoin would protect its value at a time of rising inflation. Before the crypto market crashed, there was a strong debate among crypto experts about would bitcoin holds its value or not.

In another way, at this time, crypto is a completely highly speculative investment.

Wrapping it up

At this time, investing in bitcoin may cause a loss of investment, and you would get yourself at the edge of bankruptcy. As per the current situation, it would be difficult to predict the crypto market because there are lots of things happening together The Ukraine war, increment in the interest rates, and rising inflation. 

According to some economists, the world is at the edge of recession, or maybe it’s the starting stage of recession. At this time, investing in bitcoin is a highly risky choice to take. However, there is the possibility to invest in bitcoin with deep research and patience.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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