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Did The Lost Symbol Fail Because It Didn’t Leverage The Online Casino Industry?

Dan Brown’s books have been hugely successful in Hollywood, with The Da Vinci Code up there with the most profitable novel adaptations of all time. The 2006 offering raked in $760 million worldwide, which was hugely impressive for a unique picture that didn’t belong to a franchise.

With the streaming wars raging, it’s no surprise that Peacock decided to adapt one of Brown’s books. Unfortunately, though, The Lost Symbol was a flop. Part of the reason for this could be that it didn’t leverage the astonishing might of the online casino industry, which has been known to boost franchises massively in the past.

Series Could Have Leveraged Slots Like Da Vinci Diamonds

In the modern entertainment industry, it’s hugely important for television series to cross-promote on different platforms. The online casino industry is one of the most booming sectors, so it makes sense to leverage its power. Among the promotions at, players can find Da Vinci Diamonds. It’s listed as one of the tops recommended games, highlighting its popularity and pulling power for attracting players to a site.

The fact that a slot game related to the legendary artist is already popular suggests that a title based on Brown’s novels would also attract attention. If the creators of The Lost Symbol had commissioned a related slot to help promote the series, it may have gained a greater following and lasted longer.  

Series Cancelled After One Season

Peacock didn’t opt to market it’s The Lost Symbol series with slots or other related media, however, and this led to the show being canceled after just one season. It had many things working in its favor, with the advertising of the series seeming to be the only thing that was off with it.

The Lost Symbol did have Dan Brown’s name attached to it, but it may have been more lucrative if the creators had made it clear that it was a prequel to the Da Vinci Code and its subsequent sequels. It featured a strong cast with Ashley Zukerman and Eddie Izzard in lead roles, alongside Valorie Curry and Beau Knapp as well. There were 10 episodes and received mixed reviews, with many critics suggesting that it had the potential to improve in the future. Unfortunately, according to, it was canceled after just one season.

Another Streamer Could Find Success With a Brown Adaptation

There’s a good chance that other streaming services will look to adapt Brown’s popular novels. This could come in the form of remaking the existing films into a television show, or writers could focus on books that haven’t yet been translated to the screen. For instance, Brown’s 2017 offering, Origin, hasn’t yet been adopted. It has been noted by, though, that this could be made into a Hollywood film soon.

Brown has written some other novels outside of the Robert Langdon series that television companies could seek to purchase the rights for. These include Digital Fortress in 1998 and Deception Point in 2001. However, these are nowhere near as famous as Brown’s flagship series.

The Lost Symbol is a prime example of how it can be hard for an unknown series to appeal to a mass audience in the modern age without branching out into other areas with its marketing. The online casino sector is one of the most important platforms for television series to leverage. 

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Written by Marcus Richards

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