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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Glamping In Norway’s Pristine Nature

Norway’s untouched landscapes are a major draw for glampers. The fjords, forests, and northern skies offer an unparalleled setting for outdoor luxury. But with this privilege comes a responsibility: to preserve and respect the environment we’re so eager to enjoy. One such haven that embodies this balance is WonderInn, a unique glamping experience that takes sustainability seriously.

The allure of Norway’s pristine nature is undeniable. It’s a place where you can truly disconnect and immerse yourself in the wonders of the natural world. The air is cleaner, the water is clearer, and the landscapes are breathtakingly beautiful.

When glamping in Norway, we have a duty to minimize our impact. This isn’t just about following the rules; it’s about adopting a mindset of sustainability and respect. The choices we make, from the products we use to the sites we choose, have lasting effects on these natural havens.

Do’s of Glamping in Norway

Being a responsible glamper is about making thoughtful choices. Here are some key do’s to guide you.

Respect Local Customs and Traditions

  • Engaging with Local Communities: Take the time to learn about local customs. It enriches your experience and fosters mutual respect.
  • Participating in Traditional Activities: Whether it’s a local festival or a traditional craft workshop, participation is a form of respect.

Follow Leave No Trace Principles

  • Packing Out All Waste: Whatever you bring in, make sure to take it out. Leave the place as you found it, especially if you’re staying in specialized accommodations like mirrored glass cabins.
  • Minimizing Campfire Impact: Use established fire pits if available. Always fully extinguish fires.

Stay on Designated Paths and Areas

  • Avoid Trampling: Stick to marked trails to protect sensitive vegetation.
  • Respect Camping Zones: Use designated areas for camping to minimize environmental impact.

Use Eco-Friendly Products

  • Biodegradable Soaps: Opt for eco-friendly toiletries that won’t harm the environment.
  • Sustainable Gear: Choose camping gear made from sustainable or recycled materials.

Conserve Water and Energy

  • Mindful Usage: Be conscious of water and electricity use at your glamping site.
  • Solar-Powered Tools: Consider using solar-powered chargers and lights to minimize your energy footprint.

By following these do’s, you’re not just a visitor but a responsible steward of Norway’s natural beauty. It’s a win-win: you enjoy a unique experience while helping to preserve it for future generations.

Don’ts of Glamping in Norway

While glamping offers a luxurious way to enjoy nature, there are some actions that can negatively impact the environment and others. Here are the don’ts to keep in mind.

Avoid Disturbing Wildlife

  • Safe Distance: Always keep a respectful distance from animals. Your presence should not alter their natural behavior.
  • No Feeding: Don’t feed or try to attract wildlife. It’s harmful to them and potentially dangerous for you.

Don’t Pick Protected Flora

  • Know Before You Go: Educate yourself on the local flora. Picking protected plants is illegal and harmful to the ecosystem.
  • No Souvenirs: Resist the urge to take plants, rocks, or other natural items.

Avoid Making Excessive Noise

  • Quiet Enjoyment: Part of the appeal of nature is its tranquility. Keep noise levels down to respect both nature and fellow glampers.
  • Headphones: If you want to listen to music or watch something, use headphones.

Don’t Leave Food Unattended

  • Proper Storage: Store food securely to avoid attracting wildlife.
  • Clean Up: Always clean up after meals to minimize your impact on the environment.

Avoid Over-reliance on Technology

  • Digital Detox: Use this opportunity to unplug and connect with nature.
  • Tech Responsibility: If you must use tech, do so sparingly and responsibly.

By avoiding these don’ts, you contribute to the preservation of Norway’s pristine landscapes and ensure a more enjoyable experience for everyone. It’s about coexisting harmoniously with nature and fellow glampers.

Engaging with the Local Community

Interacting with the local community is more than just a cultural exchange; it’s a way to contribute positively to the places you visit.

Importance of Supporting Local Businesses and Artisans

  • Economic Impact: Buying from local shops or dining at local eateries puts money directly into the community.
  • Authentic Experience: Local products often offer a unique, high-quality experience you won’t find elsewhere.

Learning from Locals about Sustainable Practices and Traditions

  • Local Wisdom: Locals often have invaluable knowledge about sustainable living and coexisting with nature.
  • Cultural Exchange: Learning about traditional practices enriches your understanding of the place and its people.

Engaging with the local community is a two-way street. You get a richer, more authentic experience, and the community benefits from your responsible tourism. It’s a meaningful way to make your glamping adventure in Norway even more rewarding.

Safety Precautions in the Norwegian Wilderness

The Norwegian wilderness is stunning but can be unforgiving. Being prepared is crucial for a safe and enjoyable experience.

Being Prepared for Sudden Weather Changes

  • Weather Forecast: Always check the weather forecast before heading out and plan accordingly.
  • Layering: Dress in layers so you can easily adjust to changing conditions.

Carrying Essential Safety Gear and Communication Tools

  • Safety Kit: Carry a basic first aid kit, a multi-tool, and a whistle for emergencies.
  • Communication: Keep a fully charged phone and consider carrying a satellite phone or radio for areas with poor reception.

Safety isn’t just a precaution; it’s a responsibility. Being well-prepared allows you to fully enjoy the natural beauty of Norway without putting yourself or others at risk. With the right preparation, you can explore with confidence.


Experiencing the untouched beauty of Norway’s wilderness is a privilege, one that comes with a collective responsibility. As glampers, we’re not just passive observers; we’re active participants in preserving these natural wonders.

By following safety guidelines, respecting local customs, and making eco-friendly choices, we contribute to the sustainability of these landscapes. It’s not just about taking memories; it’s about leaving a positive impact.

So as you embark on your Norwegian glamping adventure, remember that you’re part of a larger effort to ensure that this pristine nature remains unspoiled for future generations. Your choices matter. Make them count.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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