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Fun And Functional Investments To Make When You Have The Extra

Every so often, we find ourselves in a fortunate position with a little extra cash in our pockets. Maybe you received a substantial year-end bonus, had a lucky win, or perhaps you’ve been setting some money aside for those ‘just because’ moments. Either way, when you have that extra bit of financial freedom, it presents a unique opportunity to splurge a bit, not just for fun but for function as well. In this article, we will explore two unique investments that not only provide entertainment but are also handy in unexpected situations.

The Allure of Preparedness: More Than Just a Camping Trip


For those who love the great outdoors, investing in top-notch camping equipment has always been a no-brainer. But what if we told you that your next outdoor adventure gear could also double up for those unpredictable scenarios life throws at us?

There’s a rising trend of people getting equipped with camping survival and nature disaster preparedness gear. It’s more than just being prepared for that annual camping trip; it’s about being ready for unforeseen events. For example, a well-packed emergency bag could make all the difference in nature’s toughest moments, from unexpected storms to longer-term power outages. With the multitude of choices available, it’s always a good idea to choose gear that’s been vetted and recommended, like the options available at

Investing in such gear not only equips you for adventures but ensures you have a ready response to emergencies. For instance, a high-quality tent is not only your haven during a mountain trek but can also serve as a temporary shelter in case of home displacements. Similarly, a solar-powered lantern can light up those serene nights under the stars and double as a reliable light source during power outages.

Thus, your investment isn’t just about fun; it’s about combining leisure with lifesaving preparedness, ensuring you’re ready for whatever twist or turn life might present.

A Golf Cart: Beyond the Greens


When one thinks of a golf cart, one often imagines sunny days on the golf course, moving from hole to hole in style. But an electric golf cart offers much more than just an on-course experience. With the increasing advancements in electric vehicle technology, these carts are now packed with features that make them attractive options for a range of uses outside the golf course.

For one, electric golf carts are environmentally friendly, running on rechargeable batteries and emitting zero greenhouse gases. This makes them an excellent option for short-distance travel, perhaps around a gated community, a large estate, or even for a quick run to the nearby grocery store.

Moreover, as more communities aim to be pedestrian-friendly, electric golf carts serve as a viable mode of transport that’s slower than cars but faster than walking. They come with the added benefit of being compact, making them perfect for areas with limited parking spaces.

Besides, let’s not ignore the sheer fun of driving one. Customize your cart with colors, patterns, and features that reflect your personality. You might be surprised by how much joy a simple ride can bring to your everyday activities.

Investing in Joy and Preparedness

At the end of the day, investments are typically seen through the lens of financial returns. Yet, some of the most worthwhile investments are those that add value to our lives in intangible ways—by ensuring safety, offering convenience, or simply bringing joy.

When you have that extra bit to spend, why not channel it into something that is both fun and functional? Whether it’s the assurance that comes with having top-tier survival gear or the thrill of a breezy ride in your personalized golf cart, these are investments that offer returns well beyond the monetary. They enrich our experiences, prepare us for the unforeseen, and remind us to find joy in the little things. After all, life’s too short to not invest in what makes it richer in every sense of the word.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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