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Experience The Best Atmosphere At Cave Restaurant Bali

Situated beneath a 22-seat cave, The Cave Restaurant Bali by Chef Ryan Clift offers a delicious seven-course menu that can be paired with wine or cocktails. While building the resort, the builders discovered an unanticipated gem: a naturally occurring cave carved out of the mountain, offering breathtaking views of the verdant slope all around the resort. 

The stunning cave

If you own a MasterCard, you can make reservations and take pleasure in

  • Make reservations in advance for The Cave by Chef Ryan Clift.
  • Savour a welcome drink in the parlour while admiring the ocean vistas.
  • Savour a seven- or ten-course meal in an underground setting.

Torches illuminate the path to the cave’s entrance as night falls. Old Balinese music echoes on the breeze, and the evening’s air is scented with sandalwood. Our culinary specialists provide a detailed explanation of every dish on the carefully chosen menu. The resort’s garden and local farmers offer seasonal ingredients for dishes that are paired with fine champagne or a variety of creatively spiced cocktails. It is an exclusive, private event that is only available to Raffles Bali residents and is beyond compare.

The discovery of The Cave restaurant

Ten years ago, the owners and builders of “The Edge” in Uluwatu made the coincidental discovery of an underground cave. It is estimated to be 25,000 years old. The newest fine dining establishment in Bali, “The Cave,” opened its doors last month, and it’s undoubtedly one of the island’s most distinctive spaces!

The cave is located on The Edge’s property. To reach the ground-level entrance, take a quick buggy ride or stroll from the lobby. From here, you make your way down the grand spiral staircase to see this magnificent location for the first time.

Seating and Gastronomic Menu

With only 22 seats available at once, the area is larger than you may think, and all of the natural elements of the caves have been preserved during construction. The surrounding stalactites in the cave will join you for dinner; some are even still dripping water. The elegant and well-planned venue design allows everyone to witness the cave in all of its splendour, the chefs creating your delicacies, and the amazing light displays that are projected onto the cave throughout dinner.

An amazing location like this calls for equally epic food, and the crew has delivered! A fixed seven-course meal is available at the cave; vegetarian and meat options are available. For the ultimate indulgence, you can upgrade the menu to include wine and cocktail pairings. Chef Ryan Clift and his team of chefs from Singapore’s renowned Tippling Club designed and prepared the menu.

Chef Ryan is renowned for his unique style of contemporary cooking, and some of the dishes on The Cave’s menu are taken straight from Tippling Club’s menu. Arriving from Tippling Club, Chef Tay Chan Yong is thrilled to take on the role of head chef at The Cave. 

The meal is excellent in every way, from presentation to flavour to inventiveness. To put it simply, it’s a delectable trip that your taste buds will cherish long after your stay. The food selection will surprise and enchant you from the first bite of the savoury mushroom donut to the very last dessert!

The atmosphere of the Cave Restaurant Bali, where the cosmos has been flipped upside down and stars sparkle from the floor, is one of the most extraordinary dining experiences. A light show featuring images depicting the universe’s creation is projected onto the cave ceiling in between each lesson. To explore the cave more, there is a 15-minute break during dinner. You will be given a helmet and a headlamp for this section, so you may walk upstairs and view the most stunning part of the cave. Stunning blue water and several hanging stalactites cascading down can be seen here. 

Every day, the underground space offers three sittings. Two at dinner and one at lunch. Bringing minors is not recommended since this is undoubtedly an adult-only venue. If you do bring kids, you must eat lunch together.

You won’t forget this culinary adventure. The distinctiveness of an unmistakable location with equally unique food! This is an experience that foodies visiting Bali should put on their bucket list.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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