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Know the Traits before You Place On the Rooster 

Two strong roosters face each other, standing within a foot, blades strapped in their claws. The camera placed on the ring streams streaming video in some Asian countries, and many gamblers watch the live video on their PC or smartphone. Each rooster fought vivaciously and tore out father, attacking the weak part of the neck. The match lasted for a few minutes. The handler declared the winner. The winner rooster stands proudly over the defeated cock. Cockfighting is becoming popular online. If you want to bet and watch, register on e-sabong through WPC. Once plunging blood, the sport is regaining its popularity, and online betting on it is at its peak in some Southeast Asian countries.

How Does Online Sabong Work? - Cockfighting Bets

Attracting new genus of bettors

This sport is attracting a new genus of bettors, and millions of dollars are wagered every day. In the Philippines, the government is also strict about it. President Bongbong Marcos implemented a ban on traditional fights through the PNP or Philippine National Police. Their online regular cockfight is legitimate, and this comes as a shock to players accustomed to casino games. Cockfighting matches are generating more revenue than local casino resorts; this is attracting more online casinos across the world to offer cockfighting to their patrons. Cockfighting is taboo in many Western countries, but in some Asian countries, it is as popular as baseball in the US or rugby in the UK. 

Give you an instant thrill

With a small bet size, cockfighting can give you an instant thrill, a saleable product in the realm of digital entertainment. But there is a tug of war-between international animal rights groups and the potent revenue. This fight usually occurs in a cockpit or sabungero. Cockfighting is an integral part of Philippine culture and has been practiced for over five hundred years. Cockfighting in the region is known as “sabong,” and there are numerous ardent followers of the game. Every year, the World Slasher Cup is held in Manila, and thousands of people gather to watch the multiple cockfighting matches that occur for multiple days. The event attracts many corporate sponsorships and becomes a major carnival in the area. The arena is decorated with giant rooster cutboards, and popular songs are played, giving a festive ambiance.

700 million pesos

In recent years, the sport has gained more popularity, and cockfight matches are held only on Sundays and holidays, and spectators need to pay an entry fee. During the lockdown in Covid, when social distancing was imposed, the organizers started streaming live videos of the sport. This opened a new horizon to cockfighting, and from that moment, cockfighting accessibility of cockfighting increased dramatically. According to recent data, around 700 million pesos ($ 13.4 billion) is generated from the sport, and it is estimated the figure will double in coming years. 

The red, blue, and yellow 

In online sabong, you can know about the pedigree and experience of the fighter rooster on whom you select to bet. The red circle depicts the number of wins it achieved, while the blue circle denotes the number of losses. The yellow lines depict drawn matches. In live cockfights, these circles denote the strength and weakness of the chosen rooster. Observe the color that dominates the trend so you can assume which gamefowl would rule the ring. Before the game begins, bettors and the audience are given the chance to see and assume which rooster is better. Watch their movement. It gives an idea about its agility, might, and stamina. 

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