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The Book of Coaching for Extraordinary Coaches is an empowering book aimed at a broad scope of readers. Whether you are looking to hire the services of a coach, want to get into coaching, or you’re a coach who wants to take this role to the next level, this is the book for you. Working on retraining how many of us tend to see the role of a coach, numerous readers can derive help, guidance and much more from this wonderful title.

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My first impressions of The Book of Coaching involved its ease of layout. With short, sharp and snappy paragraphs throughout the book, it is a natural read. More impressively, this serves merely to capture and indeed hold your interest throughout, highlighting and driving home each point and keep you focused.

Each paragraph is packed with potential advice, but it’s to the point, direct and savvy in its delivery! It’s worth stating beforehand that Ajit doesn’t mince her words – but her message hits home harder here because of this directness, with no padding, fluff, and additional statistics – rather more essential observations.

The objective of this book is to make those ordinary coaches into something more extraordinary, and you get a sense as you read through that if anybody can help you achieve this, then Ajit is that person! With extensive knowledge and thorough understanding of the subject she writes about, you can’t help but feel empowered as she dispenses with her tried and trusted advice.

Whether it’s for personal use or business use, regardless of your sex, age or status, there is bound to be something of interest and further help for anybody reading Ajit’s words.

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Though it’s easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm and positivity of each chapter, there is a summary to keep you on track at the end of each one where you can ask yourself vital questions, select specific tools to try and access further recommended reads.

What I like most about this book is the option to decide for yourself which method works best for you – and you only! It’s not preachy, and Ajit never tells you what you should be doing, instead offering tried and tested suggestions that she has discovered to be successful in her many years in this line of work.

Overall, this is a jam-packed book which covers everything you can think of to take your coaching efforts from ordinary to extraordinary. From the inner workings of both the mind and body to how we present ourselves to the outer world, The Book of Coaching positively packs a punch and succeeds in motivating the reader.

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