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Six Of The Coolest Vape Designs Ever Conceived

Like it or not, your vape says a lot about you. It’s something people notice, especially if they’re vapers as well. With that in mind, why not go nuts and try to add some custom mods to your gear? We’ve even found a few awesome ones from which you can draw inspiration.

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#1 Classic Nostalgia

We’ll wrap things up with a twofer. Anyone who spent any time playing video games in the 80s and 90s remembers the Nintendo - a console which is making a comeback through the NES Classic. Of course, the Super Nintendo ended up being just as iconic - for many millennials, it was their first gaming console and the thing that got them into the hobby.

These two vapes pay beautiful homage to the consoles of yesteryear and look to actually be made from repurposed controllers to boot. 

#2 Asthma Attack

No, that’s not an actual inhaler. That’s a vape mod. All I can say is that whoever made this one must have a pretty ironic sense of humor. After all, a lot of people who smoke cigarettes end up with breathing problems as a result. 

#3 The Revolver

Uh...yikes. As cool as this one is, I’d advise against taking it out in public if you decide to acquire it for yourself. It bears way too close a resemblance to a real handgun, especially if you only give it a passing glance. 

#4 Doctor Who?

The adventures of the good Doctor defined several generations of science fiction fans, from the days of William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton through to Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. Available at several different vape shops, these are technically vape skins, not mods - but they work well enough that I felt I had to include them on the list. 

#5 Iron Man

Tony Stark would probably be proud. Or maybe he’d mock you relentlessly. It’s really tough to say - all I know is that this is an awesome mod, and one I’d love to install myself. 

#6 Steampunk Pipe

Few things caught on quite as quickly as the steampunk craze. This vape mod captures it beautifully - though I’m sorry to say I’m not sure who made it. 

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Written by Alex Saez