Creative Kids’ Party Ideas for this Summer

There are plenty of kids’ party ideas out there but they are old. So, here are some creative and original ideas to make your child’s party authentic and unforgettable:

Beat the heat with a shark-themed pool party.

What’s summer without some swimming? Pool parties are the best simply because kids love them and it’s hot and there are so many fun activities to do in the pool. What do you need for a fun and unforgettable pool party? Of course, you need a theme. Instead of just going with the flow and letting kids swim and eat, and swim, try a shark-themed pool party. Put up grinning sharks all over your pool area. Don’t forget to prepare shark-decorated cookies and cupcakes, and many other yummy treats that will keep your guests’ tummies full and happy. And by the way, don’t forget to serve delicious fruity popsicles. They’re a great pool party refreshment, especially when it’s getting a little too hot.

Take the kids into a day of adventures.

Kids love adventures. They love it when they discover things and play in the outdoors. There are many themes that can match your little one’s love for adventures, such as Wild One and Woodland parties. For your decoration, you will need a forest or animal-inspired party supplies. Your mini guests will also be excited to try out some lumberjack cookies, wood cake, and gummy worms. You can also set up your kid’s party around a campfire and turn it into a camping slumber party! Be ready with your chocolates and marshmallows. Your cute guests are certainly going to crave for s’ mores.

Make it memorable with inflatables.

Kids will love inflatables, from bouncy castles to inflatable dancers, balloons, and air puppets (which are highly popular these days). Inflatables make wonderful, easy decorations for kids’ parties. Hang them everywhere, bundle them together, create a balloon arc, or use them for the games – balloons are every truly a party must-have!

Explore the arts through a painting party.

Make your kid’s party not just fun but educational too by adding activities that stimulate their creativity. Painting parties are all the rage with adults. But even children will certainly have fun creating works of art in a blank canvass. After all, they don’t mind getting messy! Set up easels and canvasses. Choose non-toxic paints, and let their imaginations soar. But please, don’t forget to serve each of your young Picassos a slice of cake and let them eat it too.

Go glamping for your teenagers.

We all find our little ones cute when they dress up like teenagers. This sassy twist on the traditional princess-themed party is the new trend. At the age of three or four, kids certainly know what they want especially when it comes to fashion. So, go ahead and stage a fashion show and let the kids hit the red carpet! Arrange tables where they can play with their Barbie dolls and enjoy some chatter over a cup of tea.

Let’s go with Legos!

Lego-themed parties are timeless classics. What’s more, it’s easy to pull up one. After all, decorating with Legos is super easy. You only need some colored card stocks, a whole pincher or a circle cutter to make Lego-inspired invitations, bunting, and other decorative pieces. From your tableware to the tissue holder, soap dispenser, and party hats, you can make them all Lego-inspired.

Girl’s surfing party.

You don’t have to take your kid’s birthday party to the beach. You can have it in a swimming pool. Add a beachy vibe by setting up a surfboard backdrop. Of course, you will need a beach-theme cake, cupcakes with beachball and surfboard toppers, and a lot of colorful decorations. Prepare some fun water games and activities too! Put your party favors in mini buckets so your kiddie guests can take their beach party experience home.

Pirate-themed party for the boys.

If a surfing party is super in for girls, boys will definitely have fun as pirates. They will surely enjoy searching for Davey’s Jones’ Locker or a treasure box full of sweet treats and goodies. Don’t forget to put up skull images everywhere, including the birthday cake and cupcakes. Hand out maps to your little guests to give them clues about where the treasure awaits. And instead of party hats, have them wear pirate eye patches instead. Cool, huh?

Kids’ party planning may seem like a stressful process but a creative approach to it will ease your stress and convert into pleasure. You don’t always have to confine yourself with the traditional methods. With these unique birthday party ideas, you can pull off a very special celebration for your little one. The best thing about these ideas is that you can DIY most stuff, especially your party decorations. You will surely have fun during the whole process!

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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