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State of the EPL Table After First Rounds

In the championship of England, only a few rounds have passed, but the situation in the EPL table is already forcing some clubs to act decisively.

In the championship of England only a few rounds have passed, but the situation in the EPL table is already forcing some clubs to act decisively. Thus, in early September, the first coaching retirement in the new season occurred.

Despite the fact that before the start of the EPL, the supercomputer predicted that the first coach of Manchester United Solskjaer would lose his job, the reality turned out to be somewhat different. Watford’s coach Javi Garcia was fired. Under his leadership, in the starting rounds of the new season, the Hornets  had one match in a draw and lost 3 times.

Despite the fact that only 4 matches of the new season were held, this result did not satisfy the club management, who decided not to continue cooperation with the Spaniard. Instead, Watford is now headed by Kike Sanchez Flores, who had previously worked with Hornets. The primary task for the “old-new” specialist is to improve the team’s situation in the EPL table. In terms of its players’ potential, Watford should clearly be higher in the table, because only a few months ago this team reached the FA Cup final.

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Dismissal after the 4th round is a hasty decision, despite the fact that the results of the club were far from good. This is one of the fastest resignations and it is not yet known exactly how it will affect Watford, because it was Javi Garcia who held the pre-season training of the team.

Kike Sanchez Flores, although an experienced coach, but he still needs time to study the situation in the team and find ways out of this crisis. In general, the Spaniard will have:

  1. A good and efficient team, which may well fight for places in the middle of the tournament table.
  2. A well-played team, where each player knows his place and tasks on the field.
  3. Large selection of players for each position.
  4. Familiar working conditions, since not much time has passed since the last dismissal of Flores.

All this should help Watford to get out of the relegation zone. So far, very little has been lost, and if Flores quickly finds a common language with his players, then the results will not be long in coming. You can follow the new stage of his career on, where only reliable information, personal statistics of players, and the schedule of upcoming matches are presented.

We will see how the radical change of the head coach will affect the team and whether this will help it to significantly improve its results. There will still be ample opportunity to do this.

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