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The Best 5 Dart Games

From little kids to their parents as well, dart games have been loved by people of all age groups. A classic game of all times is also assumed to increase focus and aiming techniques. Different people love to play it differently and henceforth, different types of dart games have evolved with time. Most popular dart games have been discussed below:

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1. Cricket

This game remains timelessly interesting for all, starting from beginners to the masters of dart games. It is simple, easy to learn and play.

The objective of Cricket remains the most basic one. One has to close all the numbers on the boards before their opponent to win. The standard numbers used are 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 and bulls. At the end the points are also taken into consideration to declare the winner. Unless and until, the bull’s point is open, the game continues. This part becomes tricky for some people who, though ahead of their opponent in terms of points aren’t able to hit bull’s eye, giving their opponent a chance to make up. Doubles and triples are also a very good strategy in this game.

2. Around the world

Just as the name sounds like, this game also makes the player go full around the dartboard starting from number 1 to number 20, that is, in numerical sequence. Usually bull’s eye or doubles and triples is not included, but they can be included to increase the difficulty level.

Number of players that can play this game is not limited. The more, the merrier, and so is one of the most loved dart games all over the world.

The simplicity of this game has made it loved much by people. It is also played by children to increase their focus, or by professional dart throwers as a warmup before a 01′ game.

3. The 01′ Games (301 and 501)

At professional level, these dart games are played at a lot of places. It is usually played competitively between two players or two teams of two players each.

Every number is taken in play in this game including bull’s eye which holds 50 point. Each opponent starts with either 301 or 501 points and the goal is to score a perfect 0 at the end. Whoever does make it to 0 first wins. Focus in this game remains on the major 20 or 19 pointer areas.

A different and interesting way to play 01′ games is by using electronic dartboard. These boards have the entire mechanism of 01′ games inbuilt which makes scoring and tracking the numbers much easier.

4. Killer

A very fun game to play with when number of players is more than three. In this game, every player starts with hitting the board on a random number with their non- playing hand. This definitely pushes the plays out of their comfort zone.

The target then becomes to hit the board twice during the game on that number. Once this is done, you become a killer and get to eliminate other players by hitting on their numbers. The other players whose numbers are hit by the killer are eliminated from the game.

Each player gets three lives, wherein each double on the board is worth a life. At the end, whichever player has any life remaining wins the game. One must also be careful not to hit their own number after becoming a killer. People may also team up together to eliminate the other opponents.

5. Halve it

This game is usually preferred much less because it is a bit more challenging. This game is chosen mostly by expert dart throwers, though novice players also do give it a try.

A very tricky part in it that one must hit a double bull’s eye at the end. The numbers chosen are different from other games like cricket. They are 20, 16, Double 7, 14, Triple 10, 17 and Double Bull.

In any case if a player misses a shot, his total score of that 3 throws is halved, hence the name.


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Written by Nat Sauteed

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