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Timothy Sykes – Scam Artist or Not?

A well known and much-discussed figure in the trading and trading education world. The name Timothy Sykes (and other variations of it) are searched on Google over 30 thousand times each and every month. What is clear from these many searches is that he is a highly successful entrepreneur that has made millions from his business exploits as well as from trading penny stocks.

But is there a Timothy Sykes Scam? This is what we will discuss below.

Who is he?

Tim was born in Connecticut in 1981 and after graduating high school, he went on to study Philosophy & Business at Tulane University in Louisiana. He was able to turn $12,415 into $1,650,000 in the space of three years (1999 – 2002). As a result of these successes, in 2003, he set up his own hedge fund – Cilantro Fund Management LLC.

Even though he became a successful trader he still carried on with his studies and went on to graduate from college. He actually went on to establish The Timothy Sykes Day Trading Award for the Talented at Tulane University, which is open to all students, alumni, and even faculty at the college.

Despite being able to discuss his work in great detail, due to certain regulations within the industry, Tim went on to star in a documentary type television show on INHD called Wall Street Warriors, as well as being quoted and interviewed on various media outlets. Some of these include Reuters, CNN Money, Businessweek, CNBC, CBS Marketwatch, Trader Monthly, Dealbrook, Institutional Investor, Gawker, and The New York Post, to name but a few.

Off the back of the success of Wall Street Warriors, Tim set up his own company, TLC Media LLC. Since then, he has been heavily involved in the business This is a platform that allows you to learn and interact with the best traders online.

Tim is highly confident in his money-making abilities and is one to never shy away from letting people know how much money he makes. He has openly discussed that his largest single trading profit to date is $215,000. Such profits have enabled Tim to do large amounts of charity work.

Products and services

Tim offers various different products and services via his website. He has an extensive back catalogue of DVDs that include titles such as Shortstocking, Tim Tactics, Tim Raw, New Rule of Pennystocking, Pennystocking, Pennystocking Framework, Pennystocking Part Deux, Tim Fundamentals, Tim Fundamentals Part Deux, Learn Level II, Red SEC Filings, and Best of Livestock.

His three main plans, however, are the Tim’s Alerts plan, the Pennystocking Silver plan, and the Tim’s Challenge plan. Both the Tim’s Alert and the Pennystocking Silver plans are available on, the Tim’s Challenge plan is only available on his website,

The Tim’s Alert plan has a monthly cost of $74.95. For this you get real-time trading alerts via email, push alerts or SMS text message, a daily stock watch list, and access to a private chat room. Here you are able to talk directly with Tim himself to ask questions and seek his advice.

The Pennystocking Silver plan costs $149.95 per month and as well as receiving all of the same adventures mentioned in the Tim’s Alert plan, you also get sent video lessons each week, as well as access to more than 6,000 different videos. By opting for an annual subscription you will receive a 28% discount. This is also the same for the Tim’s Alert plan.

Tim’s Challenge is the top one out of his three plans and will teach you everything you need to know in order to master his advanced trading strategy. If you apply through email the subscription to the plan costs $197 per month. Full membership to the plan costs approximately $3,000. For this you get, more than 20 hours of training videos, access to trading strategies, invites to webinars, access to in excess of 200 resources for download.

From this, and the knowledge that you should subsequently gain as a result, Tim believes that you should be able to consider yourself as one of the best traders out there, even if you were new to the world of trading. There is proof in the pudding here, as some of Tim’s students have gone on to earn six figures, and even become millionaire traders themselves. Some of his more well known former students include the likes of Tim Bohen, Mark Croock, Jane Gallina, Roland, Tim Grittani, and Steven Dux.

Who is he best for?

Only those students that are willing to dedicate the required amount of energy and time should bother with signing up to the Tim’s Challenge plan. It is by no means a quick and easy solution to becoming rich. Anyone serious about amassing great wealth should fully absorb his training and continuously work to improve their trading skills.

The best way of doing this is by getting on board with Tim’s personality and mentality. Because the strategy that he utilizes involved the trading of penny stocks, there is a lot of risk involved. This is because their prices change rapidly in just a matter of seconds. This is something that you need to be aware of and happy with before signing up to the Tim’s Challenge plan.


While skepticism arises around anyone in the public eye, especially those who have made large amounts of money, it is clear to see that the vast majority of feedback relating to both Tim and his products and services is massively positive.

This comes from the respected media outlets previously mentioned, as well as from his previous students; many of who have now become a success trading penny stocks themselves. By taking on board Tim’s practices and knowledge there is no doubt that you will make money. However, how much you make comes solely down to you as a direct result of the amount of time and effort you put into mastering his advanced trading strategy.

It is, therefore, quite clear to see that Timothy Sykes is not a scam artist.

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Written by Nat Sauteed

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  1. I have been making an intensive study of Tim and his methods. I think that his Millionaire Challenge is a scam, but not by intent : it just turns out that way. I think he has the best of intentions but the end result is that most of his students will not earn back their tuition and will even lose money trying. My first reason is that pennystocking is not likely to be profitable. Spikes usually occur in the premarket and have run their course in a few minutes – hard to find and difficult to get on board in time. Shorting them can be difficult because it may take time to find shares to borrow and usually there are substantial fees. Popular dollar stocks can be shorted immediately and without fees. Some brokers will even pay interest on the proceeds of the sale. While I am usually long Apple, I have shorted it at times and made money. Right now I am short cruise lines and travel companies affected by the coronavirus, all with immediate executions and no fees. With opportunities like these, why bother with penny stocks?

    While Tim has a handful of millionaire students, I suspect that there are thousands who have lost everything. I have studied his three top millionaire associates and noted that they do not use Tim’s tactics but have developed methods of their own. Superman is an award-winning CPA.

    I think that Tim has considerable talent as a teacher but that he should be president of a university rather that conducting a usually unprofitable course in financial dumpster diving.

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