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5 Fail-Safe Knitwear Items Which Never Go Out of Style

As you will be quick to discover, trying to remain up with the fashion of the day is not an affordable experience. Every time trends change, you then have to rifle through your wardrobe, clear out what’s no longer “hot” then spend a fortune giving your wardrobe a freshen up.

The entire process can drive you batty, all the while making you wonder if there’s anything that will never go out of style so that you can keep it forever.

Fortunately there are in the knitwear range, several items which would serve you well from all different periods – something that a regular clothing outlet store may not be able to offer.

Before you get too carried away filling your shopping basket with even more items that will eventually go out of style – why not consider these options below? Here are five fail-safe knitwear items which will never go out of style.

Merino Sweaters

Merino wool sweaters are timeless in more ways than one. Whether you buy a jacket, a wrap, cardigan or any sweater, you will realize that it’s something you wear for years and have no qualms about doing so.

The reason for a merino wool cardigan’s timelessness has a lot to do with the wool itself. Merino is comfortable, adds shape to a garment, doesn’t let off that terrible wool odor prevalent in other knitwear, and it keeps you warm and comfortable. Merino is preferred and appreciated for its breathability, ability to regulate your core temperature, and soak up moisture to keep you dry.


Out of all knitwear products, beanies would have to be one of the more versatile. Have you ever found yourself throwing away beanies? Probably not, because this knitwear product does not go out of style. When you buy them crafted from merino wool as well, you will enjoy having a cool, dry head thanks to the moisture-absorbing properties of the natural fibers.

The best part about beanies, too, is that they match almost any outfit. You can wear them in winter with a big, thick merino wool cardigan, or you can dress them down in the summer months with a casual tee and a pair of jeans. You can even make them a fashion accessory – complete with a possum fur pom-pom to go on top. The versatility and timelessness of a beanie will astound you.


What better way to slide into the winter months than with a pair of gloves? Fortunately, as they are a timeless knitwear piece, you don’t have to hit the shops to buy them. Once you own a pair, you will have them for life.

Gloves, especially when they feature merino wool, are an excellent fashion staple. You can wear them with merino wool Cardigans, wraps, and winter coats, and with your ski jacket if you’re hitting the slopes.

Furthermore, if you find a traditional pair of knitwear gloves is impinging on your ability to handle everyday tasks, then there are fingerless gloves available too. Some sit at your wrist level, while others go halfway up your arms. Whichever style you choose, they can sit comfortably in your dresser drawers – never having to be given away for being “out of style.”


Remember when your grandmother would knit you a scarf out of her “special” wool, and it would last you all winter long? You could walk to school or the bus stop and never worry about a cool breeze around your neck and ears. That’s the beauty of a scarf. The other attraction is that it’s a timeless piece of knitwear.

The traditional scarf was always going to be a wardrobe staple, but now the selection also includes merino wool, endless scarves, color-block scarves, hooded, tasseled, and more. You can buy any or all styles, match it to your merino wool cardigan or another jacket, then brave the cold conditions without a care in the world.


Okay, so, socks will never go out of style, but they will succumb to holes after being the contact point between your feet and the floor. However, some socks are better equipped to deal with daily wear than others – and some pairs will also be more comfortable, durable, and healthy for your feet.

Merino wool socks are some of the best socks money can buy. They absorb moisture to keep your feet dry, regulate your body temperature, and keep your feet snug and warm if you’re heading into the great outdoors. They even help you to sleep better. If you are going to fill your wardrobe up with timeless knitwear, don’t forget to throw in a few pairs of merino wool socks for good measure.


Your dangly earrings, fluorescent tights, rainbow overalls, and highlighter yellow jacket will all go out of fashion. So too will your knee-high boots, jean mini skirts, and corduroy pants. They’ll be back, but in the meantime, you’re left with a whole lot of clothing in your wardrobe that you’d rather not wear out of season. That’s where knitwear comes in.

When you invest in knitwear, you are buying something that will continue to be a valuable staple – even as the years go by. If you are yet to discover the merit of a premium merino wool cardigan or a fluffy pair of socks, then now’s the time to take a chance and add them to your ready-to-explode wardrobe.

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