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5 Home Door Locking Options a Locksmith Can Help You With

When you need to hire a locksmith for your home, you’ll may be amazed by just how versatile the technicians can be.

Everyone experiences the dreaded scenario where they’re locked out of their home. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then you’ve certainly dreamt about it. Just like you’ve probably dreamed about showing up to school and learning there’s an exam, or better yet, learning there’s an exam and looking down to see your pants are missing!

Pants or no pants, keys or no keys, you’re going to want to contact a lock expert when you cannot access your home. The technician will come in their fully stocked van (if they’re professional) and have all of the necessary tools and technology at-hand to provide you with access to your home.

Perhaps you accidentally broke your lock trying to get into your home. Well, you’ll then need to replace the lock.

A lock technician can help you with replacing door locks. Whether you’re looking to renovate all of the locks in your house or just the broken one on the front door, a quality technician will get the job done.

There’s a lot you may not think about when you’re pondering the locking options for your home, and that’s okay. You can leave the thinking to the experts.

But, hey, you’d like to think for yourself as well! So here are 5 different home door locking options experienced lock technicians can help you with.

1: Deadbolts

If you’re looking to up the security for your home, you don’t just have to replace a lock: you can add a deadbolt to your door.

A deadbolt lock is often used as a complement for the spring bolt locks that are commonly used in door knobs. The deadbolt adds an extra layer of security and protection for your home. Deadbolts are one of the most commonly added locks to doors and come in a variety of different styles: some have entry codes, while others use the traditional key slot.

2: Tri-locks

A newer, more contemporary style of lock your locksmith can install is a tri-lock system for your door. The tri-lock combines lockset, deadbolt, and passage functions all into one lock to offer a lock that is as convenient as it is secure.

3: Deadlatches

Similar to deadbolts, deadlatches are another style of locks that can be added to complement your door’s current locking system. The latches offer an extra layer of safety and peace of mind for any home.

4: Padlocks

Padlocks offer your home an inexpensive option that you wouldn’t necessarily use for your front door but for your gate or tool-shed.

However, many homes that are on the market for sale have locksmiths install padlocks that are compatible with certain technologies realtors use to gain access to homes to show them to prospective buyers.

5: Mortise Locks

The traditional, antiquated look of the mortise lock is allowing it to make a bit of a comeback. Anyone looking for a unique, rustic looking lock for their front door can ask their locksmith about installing a mortise lock. Modern versions of the lock provide secure protection and can still offer that older, authentic aesthetic

Lock It In

There’s such a wide variety of locks offered to homeowners nowadays. It’s essentially a matter of preference.

Of course, you can always ask your technician which type of lock they’d recommend for your home. If you’ve hired a reputable, trustworthy locksmith, you can count on them offering honest, helpful advice about the lock that would best suit your door.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out that whether you’re looking to renovate all of the locks in your house or just the broken one on the front door, a quality technician will get the job done. My husband and I are thinking about replacing the locks in our house because they’re starting to get old and not work as well. I think it would be smart to hire a locksmith to help us so that we can know it will be done right and we won’t have to worry about it.

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