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The 5 Iconic Women’s Leather Jackets from Popular TV Shows

Leather jacket proved to be the best signature outfit to wear and play a specific role in TV Shows. Without a gorgeous leather jacket, it always feels like the character is missing something. Of course! Women are not behind when it comes to this fashion.

Whether you talk about Emma Swan from Once Upon a Time, or The Defender’s Jessica Jones. They all use leather jacket as their signature outfit sometime to save the world or just to look professional.

If you want some style lesson then here are top 5 women leather jackets from TV Shows that are constantly inspiring the audience.

Cheryl Blosssom Red Leather Jacket – Riverdale

The CW Dark series is known for introducing some fancy fashion attires for the fans. In episode 22 from Season 2, the sassy Cheryl Blossom becomes a member of the Southside Serpents and received her own iconic leather jacket for women that matches perfectly with her style. No matter how much hate or love situation you have with Riverdale show, this Red Southside Serpent Jacket will definitely take your fashion status to the next level.

Emma Swan Leather Jacket – Once Upon a Time

Second iconic clothing we have for ladies is from the magical fantasy world of Once Upon a Time. The series takes us to a wonderful journey featuring fairytale characters and colorful moments. The show also offers the perfect way to style, and there is no better fashion inspiration for the audience than Emma Swan’s Red Leather Jacket. A style, you can easily translate into your daily commute or even wear it as a costume to re-imagine the character.

Jessica Jones Biker Jacket – The Defenders

The former superhero turned detective focuses more on creating a fashion-forward statement, something every fan is interested to replicate. What undeniably made her a badass character is the way she dresses up in her simple biker jacket and jeans. You can find similar styles in stores likes Fjackets that owns great quality leather jackets for women at affordable prices.

Rosa Diaz Quilted Leather Jacket – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The hit Sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine is another TV Show with great resource for fashion. Each character seems to have some kind of love for jackets and Rosa Diaz (played by Stephanie Beatriz) is one of them. She is a badass member of the Precinct with a tough cop personality and in every storyline, Rosa is never seen without her signature black and red quilted leather jacket.

Selina Kyle Leather Asymmetrical Jacket – Gotham

Gotham episodes introduced several characters showing in their early days. Selina Kyle, (before donning the Catwoman persona), started her life living on the streets of Gotham City. Her default outfit is overall black, and she does have a sense of taste for a black leather jacket. Her cosplay glided quickly into the fashion world, making it a worthy choice for every cool girl.

In leather jackets, there are plenty of stylish and colorful choices available. Whether you want to cosplay or transition your style from day to night, these top 5 female characters provide the best inspiration for your look.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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