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Health systems all around the world have struggled in recent years with both backlogs of cases needing treatment and ageing populations, living for longer than ever. A new MedTech startup, GlobMed is setting out to address this global problem, creating and pioneering the first global healthcare network in history.

Health systems globally, no matter where they are face the same challenges in one way or another: excess demand with limited capacity, a problem that GlobMed’s co-founders have aptly identified. 

With regards to emergency care, health systems from the UK to France, Germany and even in some places in the USA are having to increase capacity in hospitals. 

However, with regards to non-urgent care and non-emergency care, there are particular and specific challenges, which GlobMed is building up to conquer. In most countries around the world there is a clear distinction between the private and public healthcare systems, with little to no cross over between the two; a patient in the public sector will not be exposed to the private sector and vice versa.

In the case of most developed countries and Western nations, the private sector will find that at different times and amongst different demographics of people there is increased demand for some healthcare services and reduced demand for others.

GlobMed is building a network of private healthcare facilities, providers and clinics, around the world, creating the very first global healthcare network. There will always be excess capacity in some countries and jurisdictions where there is excess demand in another. For example, it may be the case that in one country there is reduced demand for a particular type of treatment which is world-class in the country in question.

Then, in another country it may be the case that there is excess demand within their healthcare systems for that same treatment. Thus, GlobMed helps the patients and people in the latter country access the healthcare and world-class healthcare in the former.

Furthermore, the team at GlobMed have identified specific countries in Europe and around the world that leads in certain treatments. For example, a country with an older population and with an older population seeking to start families later in life, needs to have better fertility care to facilitate this. other countries, such as the UK, from where GlobMed is founded, have fertility services that are under a great dela of pressure with longer waiting times.

By linking these two up together, GlobMed is aiming to match the excess demand in one country for healthcare services with the untapped and excess supply in another world-leading area of healthcare in another country.

GlobMed is currently in phase 1, building its presence in the UK Europe and is looking to expand to the Middle East, Asia and America through subsequent phases of the business’ development and evolution.

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Written by Nathaniel Fried

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