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Is Becoming a Property Hunter for You?

The services of a property hunter are increasingly popular in USA. What if you made it your job? In this article, we talk about the typical profile of a real estate hunter to give new meaning to your career.

What is a Property Hunter?

A real estate hunter is an agent commissioned to search for real estate on behalf of a principal. As part of his service, he may be required to:

  1. Off-market property search via its network
  2. Carry out pre-control visits
  3. Creation of visit sheet
  4. make an offer to purchase
  5. Accompaniment in the purchase: estimate works, diagnoses, architect, relation notary.

The term real estate hunter corresponds perfectly to the services that this real estate professional can offer: searching, sorting and antiquing without ever stopping to meet his clients’ criteria. The real estate hunting service comes into its own in tense areas where demand is high. Thanks to his experience and his network, the property hunter is able to find properties in the Off-Market: a major advantage for writing a letter of intent to purchase before others. Nyrentownsell is famous real estate company in USA. They will help to find affordable rental house or apartment.

Difference Between an Apartment Hunter and a Real Estate Agent?

Unlike the real estate agent, the property hunter does not sell property. We can say that these two professions are opposites. One is looking for buyers and the other is looking for sellers. As part of the hunting service, it is mandatory, as for the sale, to have a real estate mandate signed. In the context of a search, we speak of a search mandate which can be simple or exclusive.

With the arrival of programs like “search apartment” on M6, there have never been so many apartment hunting services.

Skills to Become a Property Hunter

The profession of property hunter does not necessarily require a specific level of education or experience. On the other hand, to become a real estate hunter, certain skills are mandatory to obtain quick and regular results.

7 Character Traits to Become a Property Hunter

  • listening
  • Sense of service
  • Organized
  • Comfortable speaking
  • Excellent presentation
  • Curious
  • Taste for the challenge

4 Skills to Succeed as a Property Hunter

  • Computer skills
  • Ability to decipher AG minutes and real estate diagnoses
  • Negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of works, architecture, decoration

Average Salary of a Real Estate Hunter

A property hunter at the start of his career can claim an average salary of $2,100/month in self-employed status. With two years of experience, it is possible to reach $3,660 net salary / monthly. The commission-paid hunter earns more money than the CDI hunter.

Compared to a real estate negotiator, the real estate hunter can claim the same level of remuneration. It is also possible for him to supplement his ends of the month by becoming a business contributor for real estate advisers.

A real estate hunter affiliated with a real estate agency receives an average of 4% agency commission to search for a property with an exclusive search mandate.

Recruitment of a Property Hunter

A real estate hunter can work either on behalf of a local agency on a permanent contract or for a real estate network as an auto-entrepreneur. In both cases, to be recruited, he must send a CV and a cover letter to the real estate agencies he is targeting. In order not to waste time distributing your CV to each agency, it is recommended to create an account on the online job boards and to apply directly to the agencies concerned as well as on the career space of the digital agency.

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Written by Robert James

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