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How to Help Your Teen with Braces

Everyone wants a perfect white set of teeth. To get this isn’t quite easy, as sometimes, teeth can be slightly crooked. Fortunately, braces are the best way to achieve this dream of a straighter and whiter set of teeth. But alas, braces can be a pain in the neck for children, especially teens. Children in their teens tend to hate braces as they feel that they can affect their social life. So if your teen is going to get braces, you as the parent have to support them. Some ways to do this are:

1. Explain to your teen

You would be shocked by the outstanding number of kids who are scared to visit the dentist. They do this because they don’t know much about the benefits of good oral hygiene. When your teen needs to get braces, you will need to explain as much as possible about the braces. Tell your teen about the numerous benefits of braces and how important it is. Do some research about braces and their importance before explaining them to your teen. This is to ensure that you don’t pass any wrong information to your teen. It is also helpful to ensure that you choose the right dental professional when taking your teen for this treatment. Find someone who specializes in orthodontic treatment for the best results.

2. Show your Teen that Braces are Cool

The days when braces are ugly and laughed at are long gone. Braces now come in small and customized packages that are cool. They are now better designed than in the past. Your teen needs to know that braces are cool and there’s not a thing to be worried about. This will help lift their spirits if they are down because of the braces they would be getting. It is great for you to exemplify popular people who once wore braces. These are great ways to show your teen that braces are very cool.

3. Help them Plan for a Life with Braces

No matter how hard it is, you will need to let your teen know that their lifestyle will change once they get braces. This might make your teen nervous, but you must let them know. It is important to do this early to give you time to help them plan their new lifestyle. You might take them shopping for new toothbrushes and toothpaste that will suit them better. They may also need certain foods because of their braces, so teach them how to prepare such meals.

4. Be Patient with your teen

Teens tend to be reckless and carefree, so that you might get angry once in a while. Your teen is likely to forget some rules or steps given to them by the dentist. When that happens, you might get angry at them. You will need to be patient with them when they do such things. You might need to remind your teen once or twice about the oral hygiene guidelines, as they are likely to forget them. When they do, don’t shout at them but remind them patiently.

5. Remind them that they won’t Wear Braces Forever

If your teen needs to wear braces for a year or two, they are likely to get depressed. They will probably think that they will never get their braces off. As a teen, a year or two seems like forever. You will need to let them know that the time will soon be over, and the braces will be taken off. Continuously remind them that all this waiting and treatment would eventually pay off in the future. This will keep them encouraged when they have to wear the braces.

6. Provide a Healthy Diet

When your teen is getting braces, they will need special meals. Sure they might not like all these meals, but you will need to be firm with them. Prepare such meals in interesting ways to make them look appealing to your teen. Avoid eating some treats that your teen cannot eat, such as sticky candy and popcorn. Meals like these tend to get stuck in the braces, making them uncomfortable. Stay away from such meals to prevent yourself from tempting your teen to eat such things.


Braces are the best way to straighten imperfect teeth. Getting braces can be pretty hard on teens, as they constantly think about their social life. As a parent, you will need to support them during this period and show them that braces are not that bad. Visit Newcastle Dental to get more information about Teen braces care and how you can better help your teen throughout their years of needing braces. Alternatively, if you live in Tennessee, you can also check out this dentist who does dental emergency services, implants, and high-quality teeth whitening in Cleveland.

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Written by Sarah Williams

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