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Link Building As an Effective SEO-Strategy

People create amazing content that can inspire or help millions of people. Nowadays, it is as easy as pie to find any information on the Internet. However, the tendency of oversharing made it rather challenging to stand out and make your product noticeable. 

Thankfully, there are many SEO tools out there that could make this process more comfortable and more effective. Among them, building a strong backlink profile surely deserves most of your attention, as it is proven to be efficient in your SEO efforts. 

If a site links to your page, it works as a signal for search engines that you have noteworthy content. But to realize this function, your backlinks should be high-quality. Otherwise, they may not only be ineffective but also harm your website’s reputation. 

A backlink should meet several essential requirements to make Google see the page as acceptable and promote its ranking:

  • at least 800 words per page;
  • websites of a relevant niche;
  • contain an anchor text to make the link look natural;
  • the link is logically inserted in a relevant context;
  • the highest priority, though, is a piece of informative and useful content on a page.

Being not obvious, these tips are crucial for your product to get noticed by any search engine. While they make up a complex system and are hard to follow all at once, numerous link building agencies can help you with these steps.

Let us discover the four best link building companies and what they can provide you with to help you succeed in your SEO journey.

Best Link Building Companies

1. LinksManagement

The top position in our list holds Linksmanagement link building company, as it is known all around the world for its high-quality services and outstanding results.

The professional staff is always eager to help you create unique content and place your links in quality articles. The company offers carefully thought-out SEO tools to let you manage the process on your own:

  • SEO Cost Calculator to plan your strategy and discover the time and money required to launch your own backlink profile;
  • SEO Expert Tool as an AI-driven algorithm to automate the process of placing your links;
  • SEO audit and strategy;
  • SEO blog and printable guides that explain the world of successful SEO easily, so you can become an expert yourself.

Unlike the other link building services, LinksManagement provides you with initially reliable sources, as it filters out only proven channels, ignoring websites banned by Google or having too many outbound links. 

Practically speaking, LinksManagement has its own convenient filtering system that sorts out platforms by topic, domain, PA, DA, and other metrics. So, searching for an appropriate site takes only a few minutes.

Lastly, LinksManagement guarantees a natural placement of your links. As you can see, whatever strategy you chose, this website will simplify your work and help you manage the whole process easier.

2. Neil Patel’s SEO services

This guy is famous for his comprehensive blog and Q&A calls, where he covers the most popular questions to educate you on the latest SEO trends, strategies, and techniques. Course videos, worksheets, and templates – Neil Patel and his team of dedicated professionals stand out for the variety of formats they use to communicate with the audience. 

Not only link building but many other tools are also available for you to grow your business effortlessly. Here are some of these options:

  • track your website’s rank daily;
  • find out the most effective keywords;
  • analyze the activity of your niche competitors;
  • significance calculator;
  • site audit.

Neil Patel provides consulting services to help you dive into the world of SEO and guide you through any questions that may appear along the way.

3. Moz

For those who do not want to waste their time exploring possible options, Moz has several toolsets to fit all your needs. The most multi-purpose is the Moz Pro tool, which is designed to follow all essential steps on your way to high rankings and increased traffic.

Moz Pro has four subscription plans available, but all of them include some basic possibilities:

  • keyword tracker across different search engines: Google International, Google US, Google Mobile, Yahoo, and Bing;
  • unique SEO insights;
  • personalized walkthrough;
  • 24-hour online support;
  • access to a local forum with SEO experts answering your questions.

There are two other toolsets you can use for specific needs: Moz Local and STAT. But if you want to get to know the possibilities of this service first, try out their free tools: link and keyword explorer, domain analysis, also check your online presence and track current changes in SEO algorithms.

4. Ahrefs

If you still search for some special tools, you will like Ahrefs, as it is a unique website with valuable opportunities that help make your campaign successful in any aspect of the SEO process.

Along with a basic set of SEO tools (site, keyword, and content explorer, site audit, rank trackers), you will get the following SEO “yummies”:

  • keyword generator;
  • YouTube keyword tool;
  • Amazon keyword tool;
  • WordPress plugin;
  • keyword rank checker;
  • keyword difficulty checker, etc.

The cool thing is that these tools are available absolutely free of charge. Additionally, there are also several subscription options, as well as blogs with helpful information about any aspect of SEO and a help center.


Remember that you are not alone on your SEO journey. The wheels of progress never stop turning – nowadays, numerous tools make SEO available for everyone. Hopefully, you have found an appropriate one for your product within our list, and we will see you soon in the expenses of search engine results!

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