David Bowie – Fragile Glass Spider (4/5)

David Bowie, Anaheim Stadium, ca. 1987, Glass Spider Tour.

What made this concert such a drag was the fact that the previous tour, The Serious Moonlight Tour, was so special. That one had tremendous showmanship, great sets, phenomenal music.

Glass Spider, however, was just over the top.

Dancers everywhere, repetitive dance moves, way overdone sets, utterly lacking in the class and panache of the previous concert, and the musicianship wasn’t as good.

During Serious Moonlight, every person on stage had a part, and it was choreographed so beautifully in a way that complimented the music.

With Glass Spider, the parts were played by Bowie and the dancers, and it all clashed — with the music, with each other, and ultimately with the audience.

Contributor: Brian O’Neel

Company: Saint Luke Institute

Written by ZK

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