15.6 CityLite Pro Premium Convertible Backpack (2/10)

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The Targus 15.6” CityLite Pro Premium Convertible Backpack has patented DOME shock-distribution system that delivers added protection just where your laptop needs it. It has a removable, customizable accessory holder and built-in workstation to organize your essentials, and the handy USB pass-through port prevents communication downtime. Just connect your own power pack to the integrated interior cord and attach your phone to the external USB port, and you’re ready to power up while on the go.

A resourceful companion for your many endeavours, this versatile quick-change artist easily converts from backpack to briefcase. The shoulder straps stow neatly away for sleek freestanding and briefcase carrying with the low-profile side handle.

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Contributor: Tess DiNapoli from Targus

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