Personal Achievement Is King (16/20)

Considering the very nature of a startup is generally doing something that hasn’t already been done, it would be incredibly difficult to find someone with the exact skills needed. So in order to gauge whether someone is suitable or not, we turn to their own personal achievements.

We’re not necessarily looking at someone who was handed a promotion for doing a good job. Instead, we’re looking for people who have worked hard on a personal level and can show a good example of personal growth. There are a number of ways this can be represented, even outside the office. A good example would be someone learning a second language, particularly native English speakers. This is a fantastic example of personal drive and desire to push yourself to be a better person.

If you can convey that drive and desire in an interview then there’s a good chance we’ll actually believe you when you say you have passion and desire to do a great job in our company too.

Contributors: Jon Hayes from Authority Hacker

Written by Ben Skute

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