The Anchor Clankers by Renee Garrison (5/19)

“The Anchor Clankers,” revolves around a ninth-grade girl who never had a brother, at least not a biological one. But she acquires hundreds of them when she moves (with her parents) into a boys’ military academy in Sanford, Florida, where her father is the new Commandant. Unfortunately, her father also is an alcoholic.

The story provides rich opportunities for students to consider several themes including peer pressure, and coping with change. The main character moves from Bostonto Florida in 1971. Not wanting to move is normal. Leaving behind everything that’s familiar is frightening. I want my readers to remember that they’re not alone – even if they have an alcoholic parent.  According to the National Military Family Association, military children will say good-bye to more significant people by age 18 than the average person will in their lifetime.

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Written by Taegan Lion

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