Take advantage of cheap eats at La Boqueria (2/6)

The Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, usually referred to as simply “La Boqueria,” is a not-so-hidden gem in Barcelona. Located just off of Las Ramblas, this market is a few minutes’ walk from Plaza Catalunya. Here, lunch is only a few dollars. Grab a jamón sandwich, or a freshly squeezed juice and salad or empanada for the equivalent of five to seven dollars, or even less!

Written by Denisa Wartinbee


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  1. What are some dishes that I should make sure to try in Spain? Do you have any recommendations for restaurants?

    • Definitely go get tapas (try it all!), paella, sangria, and jamón sandwiches (at La Boquería). El Drac de Sant Jordi is an inexpensive tapas bar in the Gothic Quarter that I loved!

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