Exercise (e.g. Endurance Sports and CrossFit) (5/5)

What may seem like a healthy activity can also be a clear sign of emotional pain. When a person becomes obsessed with an activity, even a healthy one it is oftentimes another way to avoid dealing with an unmet emotional need or pain. However, when taken to the extreme, the chances of developing an injury or burning out increase and then the person often falls into a deep depression. Again, the activity is used to avoid dealing with the [emotional] pain or trauma. Any behavior, in its extreme, can be detrimental. 

Behaviors are endless and the true root cause is the same. When a person does not feel love, connection and belonging it hurts. When we do not feel heard, valued and like we matter we experience pain. A human will do anything to avoid pain and the behaviors we choose, which may feel good in the short term, are often destructive in the long term.

Contributors: Kevin Strauss from KevinRStrauss 

Written by Ben Skute

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