StrongBoard Balance (32/34)

StrongBoard Balance® isn’t just a balance trainer. Featuring Multi Spring Technology™ (MST) StrongBoard is the most innovative stability trainer in the world. This one-of-a-kind, premiere balance board is perfect for everyone, from the novice to the professional athlete.

Our patented MST™ works with your body to deliver the perfect amount of stimulation to keep your core musculature and stabilizing muscles engaged and contracted, while training your central nervous system, expediting calorie burn, improving posture, proprioception and reaction time.

StrongBoard Balance® is a functional fitness tool which allows users to train using their own body weight, with modalities, alone, with a personal trainer, or in group exercise. From yoga to kickboxing, athletic conditioning to gaming, StrongBoard plays well with others. Simply standing on StrongBoard Balance provides a complete core workout, and the progressions are endless.

Contributor: Ash Jocz from StrongBoard Balance

Written by Ben Skute

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