A Spiritual Renewal: A Journey to Medjugorje by Alberta Sequeira (10/16)

It sounds too spiritual and girly but this book I wrote is a heartfelt, moving memoir of the author’s father and her journey to find inner peace and renewal of life. It’s a story about her life with her father, Brigadier General, Albert L. Gramm. She shows how we can wait too long to learn about the lives of the men and women in the service after coming home from wars or life in general.

Brigadier, Albert L. Gramm, died on November 19, 1990, from cancer. It was then that Alberta realized while she stayed at his bedside during his illness that she never took the time to get to know this great man or his life fighting during WWII fighting in some of the famous battles; Metz, Lorraine, and The Battle of the Bulge. He had been one of the commanding officers of the 26th Yankee Division. He was about to take those achievements with him.

His devotion to saying the rosary every day while he faced his enemies during the war stayed with him on the return home. He had promised The Blessed Mother that if she got him home safely to his family, he would say the blessed prayer until his death.

It’s at this time, when Mr. Gramm struggled to say his rosary in his deathbed and losing concentration on it, that Alberta turns back to her faith. She learns the rosary and understand’s each decade is about the life of Mary and Jesus. She realized after fifteen years away from the Church that she not only needed God back in her life but wanted Him.

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Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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