Wild at Heart by John Eldredge (2/16)

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and have provided counseling for hundreds of fathers. Most of the men I have counseled don’t particularly like to read but I can name a handful of men, fathers, that couldn’t put this book down. The book has a lot of references, stories, analogies, and metaphors from nature and the outdoors.

This book addresses deep issues of a men to help them recover their masculine heart. The book addresses wounds that have been caused by our own father and brings healing to those areas so that we can be the father and positive male model to our children. It moves men from passivity into reclaiming passion and taking action to serve, love, and protect the ones we love. The book gets at the heart of the matter and inspires change.

It is particularly aimed at Christian men so it would be a good book for Christian fathers.

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Contributor: Casey Lee from Rooted Hearts Counseling LLC

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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