Exploring Meditation by Dr. Susan G. Shumsky (12/22)

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Exploring Meditation that I authored is an introduction to Eastern wisdom and spirituality. In this book you will learn the basics about meditation, yoga, “couch-potato yoga,” karma, spiritual healing, affirmation, and intuition. It’s a fun, funny, easy book to read, with simple yet powerful practices that are explained step-by-step. Anyone can learn and benefit from using the methods in this book.

The book also helps you to open to, listen to, test, and trust your inner voice—the voice of intuition and divine guidance within. The book and the accompanying free guided meditation mp3 will help you realize your true higher self and communicate with divine beings, ascended masters, angelic beings, and deities. it’s a direct line to Spirit, without going through a middleman. Learn how to develop your ESP, how to awaken your inner voice, how to solve everyday problems by following the advice of the counselor within you, how to ask for powerful spiritual experiences whenever you want—at will, and how to tell whether your intuition is real, fake, or wishful thinking.

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Contributor: Susan Shumsky 

Written by Yehoshua Bomberg

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