The Xenogenesis Trilogy by Octavia E. Butler (12/14)

Beginning with Dawn (1987), Butler built one of the most lasting stories of human survival in sci-fi history. The protagonist, Lilith, survives nuclear war only to find herself the prisoner of a terrifying alien race called the Oankali, who intend to save humanity by interbreeding. The trilogy ––rounded out by Adulthood Rites (1988) and Imago (1989)–– manages to juggle exciting science-fiction tropes with serious social themes like race, gender, and freedom. It’s the kind of story that can be dissected time and time again, thanks to Butler’s ability to come up with fresh sci-fi ideas. Though she passed away too soon in 2006, Butler’s work still manages to draw in new fans, proving that she truly was ahead of her time.

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Contributor: Mayra Paris from Consumers Advocate

Written by Taegan Lion

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