Anti-Stink Laundry Detergent (7/11)

Cyclists spend good money on durable pads and helmets that last. But over time, they smell awful, no matter how you’ve tried to clean it! As a pro lacrosse player, Drew Westervelt couldn’t find a solution to clean his high-performance lacrosse gear. So he partnered with cleaning scientists to create one. 

Dirt, blood, sweat, and grime all linger in pads, helmets and more… The smell alone is bad enough, but if this grime isn’t cleaned, it’ll multiply. Smelly gear breeds bacteria, which can cause health risks and wear out gear fast. Traditional detergents can’t clean odors caused by bacteria out of synthetic fabrics and gear. They actually make the problem worse by clogging fabrics with residue and trapping the stink under fragrance. 

Contributor: Lindsay Bennett from Pace Public Relations

Written by Ben Skute

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