Russian Wolves by James Ray Musgrave (2/6)

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I’m fascinated with Russian history, especially the Revolution’s deterioration from glittering promises to a dark despotism that endured well into the 1980s. And the émigrés who fled? Those with marketable skills often adapted to their adopted countries, while many aristocrats turned to an imaginary Russia to buffer their descent into penury, depression and self-destruction. The émigré’s literary legacy includes Ann Ryan’s objectivism, Vladimir Nabokov, and the movie Anastasia starring Yul Brynner. Most émigré writers were educated—some from the aristocracy—and their memoirs seemed to be final chapters. However, Tatiana and the Russian Wolves follows the Russian Revolution’s reverberations into the 1980s as a young man confronts his mother’s journey from Russia to her suicide in San Francisco.

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Written by Taegan Lion

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