Rush by Stephen Fried (10/13)

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Given the fervor around Alexander Hamilton, not limited to the amazing musical, it’s easy to overlook some of the founding fathers not included in the play. However, there were about 120 founding fathers that go unmentioned, many of whom were arguably just as instrumental in crafting our country. Benjamin Rush was an example of someone who was not only important for the revolution but also instrumental in crafting our medical system. He is the only medical doctor to have been honored by a statue in Washington. He is in many ways the father of American Psychology. Yet he also might be responsible for the death of hundreds for his unscientific theories of medicine. Suffice it to say, he was complicated. For anyone who is interested in the revolution (which is now a ton of people) this book provides a much fuller understanding of what it took to build this country from scratch 242 years ago..

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Contributor: Drew Farnsworth from Green Lane Design

Written by Taegan Lion

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