Titan by Daniel Mignault (11/13)

This book is a mix of all things Greek mythology and a dystopian urban world. Andrus Eaves has a problem. Several really. He has just been paired with his class’s weakest player in a trial for a position in the New Greek Theocracy. They are caught out after curfew by a centaur who’d like to eat him and rescued by Death’s daughter. Andrus is infatuated by both his new bff’s sister and Death’s daughter while bff and all round weakling Mark is possessed by Ares. This is just the kick-off. The rest is well done Greek mythology meets Dante’s Inferno and it is so smoothly done with such great characters that you don’t have to know anything about Greek Mythology or Dante’s Inferno. You just have to like great characters in a terrifically imaginative tale.

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Contributor: Daniel Mignault from DM Productions 

Written by Taegan Lion

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