You Make Me Smile Bald Guy Valentine’s Day Cards (1/38)

Bald Guy Greetings is a small line of greeting cards that started out as a hobby for Ian Kalman and Sean Farrell, who worked in advertising in San Francisco, but has become full-time work. Their cards and magnets are available at, as well as over 500 independent retailers throughout the United States and Canada, You can also find their cards at over 1700 Target stores.

Bald Guy Greetings currently offers two humor lines; their Original Look and more recently they’ve added their B-Series Look that they designed to appeal to stationery stores that focus primarily on letterpress cards. Both lines focus on humor and in this day and age, they are being very well received and have been called “The Anti-Hallmark” and “The Sarah Silverman of greeting cards.”

Contributor: Bald Guy Greetings

Written by Ben Skute


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