The Age of Empathy by Frans de Waal (10/14)

First, everyone needs to learn empathy and be a little more kind towards others in an age of cut-throat competition age second, it’s the best book out there on understanding what the hullabaloo over empathy these days and why the greatest leaders of the world quote empathy as one of the prerequisites for effective leadership. As the corporate culture is understood to be a world (subject to interpretations) that one has to outdo each other in terms of reaching to the top as a part of our primitive instinct, the book reveal on testaments from the fields of neuroscience, animal behavior, psychology, and anthropology how humans are actually social animals and works on cooperation, peace, and sensitivity to injustice- all the more reasons to stop thinking you have to tread on someone to be ahead in life.

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Contributor: Ketan Kapoor from Mettl

Written by Taegan Lion

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