P^th, Algorithm to Free Net. Love Your Mobile Phone Signal? (16/29)

P^th, Algorithm to Free Net. Love Your Mobile Phone Signal?

Starting at $1 per day, then less than $1 per day. No contract. Turn on and off at whim. Start your non-tech day with the right path.

Here’s a section from P^th, Algorithm to free Net:

Humanity & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the onset of AI, humanity can’t afford to fall anymore behind our metal and plastic counterparts. P^th loves tech, even the notions in #AI, but we have to be careful not to misstep here. If we are to survive AI, humanity will need unlimited, uninterrupted access to the Net just to merely access the same knowledge as AI. It’s obvious – AI will be wired for the Net and much more in the near future. At a minimum, to save humanity, we must at least have the same unlimited free access to the Net for information and knowledge, especially if things go awry.Note: The Roadmap section illustrates how we get to Free Net. The sections on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blink First may blow your mind.

Please continue to Kickstarter to check us out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pathstartup/p-th-algorithm-to-free-net

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