Keto Luxe Coffee (1/9)

These days, everyone knows that successful business people are living low carb and keto. That’s because the benefits of being in shape and having sharp mental focus are crucial to closing sales. Eating keto increases the likelihood of both.

How to start the day the keto way with minimal fuss? KetoLuxe offersCoffeeLuxe for busy people on the go. The traditional keto recipe of adding MCT oil, heavy whipping cream, butter, and Himalayan sea salt to coffee is too cumbersome to manage on the road or on busy mornings. Chef Alexa Lemley, named One of the Top 10 Farm to Table Chefs in the USA, created this for her own travel needs. So you know it tastes delicious.

Contributor: Samantha Lemley from

Written by James Metcalfe

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