Necronomicon Tarot (5/7)

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Donal Tyson & Anne Stokes, Llewellyn Publications; £28.37

This would be a perfect gift for anyone with an interest in horror or in the occult writer H.P. Lovecraft. The deck is rife with terrifying figures and images of the grotesque demonic dimension that Lovecraft wrote about so extensively from his nightmares.

The deck comes in an attractive dark box with its own guidebook. The box itself is dark, with images of a few of the cards, advertising its contents. As one would expect of Lovecraft’s occult world in card form, the images are dark and forbidding, and often grotesque. For those who are more familiar with Lovecraft’s works will love this card version of his work brought to life. For a deck comprised of digital illustrations, there is a certain realism that sends a shiver along your spine.

The images in the deck have been greatly altered to fit in with Lovecraft’s mythology, but it generally follows the normal Rider-Waite template. The Minor Arcana follow the Donal Tyson’s own stories that he wrote in the Necronomicon canon, but _ a form of fan fiction. Because of this, some Lovecraft purists might not find this deck as appealing.

Like with most tarot decks, reading this one will require an open-mind and be willing to be flexible in your interpretations.

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This deck is also available as an app by Fool’s Dog LLP on iTunes for £3.99 and Google Store for £3.79.

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