Aztec Secret, Face Mask (1/2)

Easy-use product for glowing, healthy skin.

Ever sat down or looked in a mirror, only to think “Why is my skin so… imperfect?”

Well, this product wont give you perfect skin. I mean, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that will render your skin perfect. But this does come in at a pretty close second. Read on, good folks.

General direction for usage.

While you may already have a bowl or other product readily available to mix the product, I would recommend an air-tight container. Using an air-tight container means you can make a bigger mix, less often. This results in far less mess and far less faffing about, saving you time to carry on with your day / night.

I usually mix in 3 heaped tablespoons of the clay, mixed with 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can use water as well, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Once you’ve mixed it into a smooth paste, which might take some work. Do not add more of either unless it’s necessary. I know we all get spooked sometimes, thinking we need to add more or else its ruined. No, just don’t.

Use it sparingly across your face. Avoid the eyes, whatever you do. Dammit, avoid the eyes. You’ll find, rather quickly, just how messy creating and applying this can be. The best way to apply this would be to use small amounts on your fingers, rubbing it across your skin until you need to collect more. Then brush it across and cover the desired area.

In terms of thickness, try and keep it to a sweet medium. It will dry easier and will have a good affect on the skin.Too thick, It’ll take ages to dry. The problem with that? Your skin will itch and sting crazy-like. More on that soon.

Itchy, red, stinging – surely this cant be much good?

So. Use water if you have sensitive skin and want to test the product. You’ll have an easier time without so much itching and stinging. But, you sacrifice the firepower the apple cider vinegar adds, the kick, if you will.

Using the apple cider vinegar, you will definitely itch. You will definitely feel a sting. Your skin will definitely be red. It may even get uncomfortable at some point. It does really depend on your tolerance for this sort of thing. Wax your own armpits? You’ll be fine. Scared to pluck a hair or two from your brow? Probably best to try it with water, first.

On that note, please only use this when you have no plans. I mean, seriously. Your face will feel tight, it will sting and it will be bright red. No-one deserves to see you like that.

To conclude: You will suffer. But, for your suffering, you’ll reap the rewards. This product works wonders on my skin. Of course, like with all things, it must be a part of your routine – not just once a month. Oh, and use it around twice a week.

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