Original 80W Vaporesso Tarot Nano TC Kit 2500mA 2ml VECO EUC Tank Tarot Box (5/5)

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Vaporesso have hit the electronic-cigarette scene in recent years with much style and great confidence, and the Tarot Nano kit helped solidify their new reputation as industry heavyweights. Small and compact, you’d be forgiven for wondering what the Tarot Nano could possibly do for you. Well, the answer is: everything you’ve already read about e-cigs and more!

The Tarot Nano mod has a jaw-dropping 2500mAh capacity battery; that’s a really serious amount of power and it’s stunning they managed to fit it into such an ergonomic device. Able to range in wattage from 5 to 80W, it’s perfect for the small and satisfying mouth-to-lung hits as well as being able to produce clouds of a magnitude that would make a SMOK fan toss his unit away in disgust!

Features include variable wattage, variable voltage, temperature control, settings for a plethora of different coil materials and a host of other inspiring ideas which come together to make the best renaissance-vape on the market today!

The unit features two ‘memory modes’, which allow you to save your favourite settings and jump straight to them, as well as a ‘bypass’ mode which effectively switches off a number of the unit’s protection-softwares and let’s you go hog-wild, though it must be noted that this mode is best left for those who like to build their own coils.

But on the subject of power protection, Vaporesso has you covered! The Tarot Nano comes with Vaporesso’s own Omni-Board, a chipset which keeps a careful eye on your unit and prevents it from overheating or falling into a setting which could be harmful to your tank.

And speaking of the tank: the Tarot Nano comes fitted with the VECO Tank, another Vaporesso innovation. The VECO tank features a revolutionary coil system, referred to as EUC (Eco Universal Coils), which strip back a number of superfluous materials in the coil’s construction. This means three things: they’re smaller and easier to change, they generally cost less than other sub-ohm coils, and you’re throwing less materials into the landfill at the end of the day. Finally, a vape which does good for your lungs AND the environment.

Written by Aiden Aitken

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