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We all want to be consistent on Facebook but in reality, despite rumors that Facebook decreases reach with third-party schedulers, we generally resort to a scheduler service of some sort. But these can be expensive. So for people who want a FREE way of set it and forget it – bloggers are a good example of people who want to share their blog posts on a regular basis, be it every six weeks or so – I recommend setting up an IFTTT recipe.

Connect your google calendar and Facebook page to IFTTT. Choose Google calendar with a new event from search as the trigger. Choose a phrase such as FB BLOG POST as the search term. Then complete the recipe by choosing to publish to Facebook. Go to your calendar- I recommend creating a new one for your FB posts- add an event of zero minutes on the date you wish to publish. In the title make sure you have included your trigger search term.

You can also add an identifiable note as well so you know what is going out as long as the search term is in there. Use the location to add the URL of your image (for example the WordPress media URL) The description is where you put your post text and link to the blog post. You can then set the event to repeat on whichever timescale you choose. It can also be dragged/rescheduled if need super easily. This can also be used for Twitter!

Contributors: Belinda Alban from Your Virtual Assistant Service

Written by Zak Parker

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