A Pebble for Your Thoughts by Megan Murphy (7/40)

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It all started with a single stone on a beach in Cape Cod, and now the Kindness Rocks Project spans the globe. Founded by Megan Murphy, the Kindness Rocks Project is based on the profound truth that one kind message at the right moment can change someone’s day, their outlook, and their whole life. 

Through visual photos of inspirational Kindness Rocks and encouraging messages, A Pebble for Your Thoughts will inspire you in the same way that the Kindness Rocks Project has encouraged thousands of people worldwide. 

Learn how to cultivate compassion and connection, how to grow through hard times, and how to share kindness with others, one small pebble of kindness at a time. 

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Contributor: Brenda Knight from Mango Media

Written by Taegan Lion

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