Accountability fuels personal & company growth (4/12)

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As a company of seven, accountability is absolutely key when setting short term goals – we have no-one hiding behind their team or claiming figures are inaccurate – and it’s one of the most important things that drives us forward as a company. When short term goals are set, we also look at how, in the long term, they will benefit both the company and the person achieving it – as (although there are exceptions) short termism isn’t what we want to encourage. As a team, we have a Monday meeting in which each person presents their work from the past week, which then becomes an open forum for discussion and feedback. It’s a good way to ensure that everyone is aware of what’s being worked on outside their personal sphere, and a nice space for each individual to receive feedback in on their goals. Encouraging honest, honest feedback and accountability between all members of the team on short term goals is also really important to fostering a strong work ethic, and a healthy relationship outside of the workplace – both of which are vital as an SME

Contributors: Lana Elie from Floom

Written by Ben Skute

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