Afternoon Tea At Nobu (9/31)

A tradition adopted during the time of British colonial rule. At least once you should attend a fancy afternoon tea, and with Nobu, you get an elegant place with a stellar view of the harbor. At Nobu, it is a less traditional Japanese-style  experience, which means a green tea and small plates. Mind the dress code, this is a classy place.

If you can plan ahead at all, make a reservation and request a view of the harbor and Hong Kong Island. Guests sit at low sofas and watch the boats drift by, and it’s a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. Just as the Brits do, in Hong Kong afternoon tea is a mini-meal. Nobu offers elegance with specialties that include Umami, a spicy ika cake, fish and ebi dumplings, and Okinawa peanut tofu. For your sweet cravings try the Fuji apple rosette and the Nori tamago waffle with teriyaki mayonnaise, pineapple jam, and coconut caramel for dipping.

Contributors:  Caroline Duterque from Jack and Ferdi

Written by Ben Skute

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